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Kukuiula Residential Subdivision Ph I - $3,600,000

Single Family - Fee Simple
4 Beds | 4 Baths
11,379 sqft Land
2,646 sqft Living

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Kaupakuea Farms Subdivision - $2,200,000

Single Family - Fee Simple
3 Beds | 2.01 Baths
1,006,236 sqft Land
2,856 sqft Living

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Kauai Rental

East Kauai Professional Bldg. - $1,374

Condo/Apartment -
38,925 sqft Land
677 sqft Living

Big Island Rental

Ocean View Lots - $650

Condo/Apartment -

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Aloha, We're heading towards the end of September so it's high time I got to the Kauai August Market Statistics. Coming back from vacation the end of August threw me off my stride as I was met with the usual round of laundry, snail mail, bills, etc that piles up [...]
Sun, Sep 21, 2014
Aloha, I hate to sound like a broken record – well, not really – but yet another sunny, hot and humid week in Princeviile Kauai has gone by. Yes, another great beach week. Also a good snorkel week (at least from what I can see from my Princeville condo) [...]
Sun, Sep 21, 2014
HERE ON THE BIG ISLAND By Kelly Moran Nature Always Wins (Part III) Puna's population has grown enormously since the 1960s, when the big subdivisions were created: Hawaiian Paradise Park (HPP), Nanawale Estates, Hawaiian Beaches, Hawaiian Shores, Ainaloa, and Orchidland. The lots were not expensive – some cost as little as [...]
Sat, Sep 20, 2014
HERE ON THE BIG ISLAND By Kelly Moran Nature Always Wins (Part II) As if a hurricane in August weren't enough trouble for the Puna district [see Part I], a new source of trouble arose in September. It seemed to echo the words of an old hymn: “No more water, but [...]
Fri, Sep 19, 2014
HERE ON THE BIG ISLAND By Kelly Moran Nature Always Wins [Part I] In My Fair Lady, Professor Higgins is trying to teach young Eliza Doolittle to say the “h” at the start of words, since Cockney folks like her tend to drop it (as in “'ow are you?” or “'ave a nice [...]
Thu, Sep 18, 2014