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Congratulations, Nisshodo!

Honolulu shop named among America’s Best Candy Shops.
Old-time shops that highlight regional candy-making traditions in Travel + Leisure Magazine.

Photo by _e.t on Flickr

Nisshodo in Honolulu has been named one of America’s Best Candy Shops by Travel + Leisure Magazine.

Such old-time shops that highlight regional candy-making traditions provide travelers with a taste of a destination—and the chance to pick up sure-to-please souvenirs.

“Founder Asataro Hirao immigrated to Hawaii from Hiroshima in search of agricultural work, but making traditional Japanese candy proved much more appealing,” the magazine notes. “More than 90 years later, the glass case at this Kalihi-area shop is packed with pastel-colored mochi filled with Hawaii-inspired ingredients like coconut or peanut butter.”

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